Sinead Mooney


Sinead has over 25 years experience in the research industry.  She co-founded RED C Research in 2003 prior to which she was a director in Millward Brown Lansdowne.  Starting her career as a research interviewer in the late 1980’s while attending the College of Marketing and Design, this gave her a unique view of the industry from the bottom up.

Sinead‘s passion and enthusiasm for market research has helped her grow RED C over the past 15 years to become the largest independent research agency in Ireland.  She gets a buzz from working with clients and colleagues alike, exchanging views and ideas on new technologies and techniques and how these can best be harnessed to provide real insight.

The true measure of leadership success is to see the growth in creative talent at RED C.  Sinead works closely with both Research and Operations teams to support and cultivate talent and ensure individuals have room to grow and flourish, thus creating a co-operative and warm working environment which helps RED C set itself apart from others.  All this is done while keeping a watchful eye on the bottom line.