Niall Brennan

Council Member

Niall is an Associate Director in B&A who works with a large cross section of clients in both a qualitative and quantitative capacity. He has a strong background and keen interest in the use of behavioural economics in market research and integrates this into the design, fieldwork and analysis process of research projects at B&A.

Over the past number of years, Niall has been a key contributor to the annual ‘B&A Sign of the Times’ report, having deep dived into emerging areas of interest such as the changing role of the home during Covid, evolving consumer purchasing and decision making and understanding attitudes towards sustainability. In terms of methodologies, Niall has increasingly been pioneering new research approaches such as digital ethnography in both a national and international context.

Prior to joining B&A, Niall worked as a researcher in MCCP. In terms of qualifications, Niall holds a MSc degree in Human Decision Science from Maastricht University in the Netherlands and a Bachelor of Business Studies from DCU. This provides Niall with a solid understanding of business dynamics, as well as specialist insight into how people make the decisions that they do.