Artificial Intelligence: Ethics & Application for Marketers

The emergence of AI has the potential to be the most disruptive change to how marketers engage consumers we will ever see. The nature of the technology itself – in terms of its power, speed and potential to ‘reframe’ how we target consumers has profound implications for marketing professionals worldwide.

On one hand, AI empowers marketers with unprecedented capabilities, enabling personalized campaigns and data-driven decision-making. However, this power also raises ethical questions surrounding consumer privacy, algorithmic fairness, and the potential for AI-driven manipulation.

Striking a balance between leveraging AI's potential and ensuring ethical practices is pivotal for the future of marketing. It's a journey that involves navigating complex ethical terrain while harnessing AI's transformative power to create a marketing ecosystem that's not just efficient and innovative but also socially responsible and respectful of individual rights.


This is critical session for anyone involved in the marketing and consumer insight space will tackle questions such as: How can marketers use AI responsibly? What safeguards should be in place to protect consumer privacy? How can we ensure that AI-driven campaigns are fair and equitable? And how can we stay ahead of this rapidly changing technology? What are the corporate governance implications for marketing that AI make inevitable?


We have assembled an exciting line-up of guest speakers from DCU, IPSOS & B&A who will explore the implications of AI-driven personalized advertising, data privacy concerns, and the potential for bias in algorithmic decision-making.

Dr Dónal Mulligan is a lecturer and researcher at Dublin City University's School of Communications, where he works on interdisciplinary digital research topics, and teaches on a range of subjects related to digital media analysis, design and production. He is the recent recipient of the President's Award for Excellence in Teaching (2023). His research focuses on media and technology, and especially on the ethics and outcomes of emergent technologies for communications and education. Donal will join us to explore what’s coming next in this machine learning space and the practical implications for marketers.

Damian Loscher is a former Chairman of the Marketing Society and is Managing Director of Ipsos. During his 30 years in research, he has directed more than 1,000 studies for Government and private industry. Within Ipsos, Damian acts as Chief Methodologist. He also leads the media and political research teams and has overseen opinion polling on behalf of the Irish Times since 2006. Damien will share a recent IPSOS study that looks at the implications of AI for large scale consumer insight and quantitative research – an field of the marketing discipline that will be transformed over the coming years.

Davina O’Donoghue is an insight specialist with nearly  29 years experience as an international qualitative researcher and innovation specialist, she is currently a board director with Behaviour & Attitudes. She has been involved in the application of AI techniques to qual since early 2019, partnering on Beta development sites with UK start-ups; helping to finesse their offerings and over time delivering against client briefs using the power of AI and human thinking in combination.


TIME: 4.30pm Registration/Refreshments SPEAKERS: 5.00 - 6.00pm
VENUE: Dentsu, Two Haddington Buildings, 20-38 Haddington Rd., Dublin, D04 HE94
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