GDPR Data privacy statement for The Marketing Society

At the Marketing Society of Ireland, we take your personal privacy very seriously. We aim to keep the amount of data we collect from you to a minimum, and keep it strictly related to the running and continued improvement of the society.

Specifically we collect five pieces of information;

  1. Your name
  2. Your contact details including email address, postal address, and contact number
  3. Your company name
  4. Your commencement date
  5. In the course of running the society, we keep a record of those who have booked events to track event appeal and success, and as we have photographers at our events, we do capture images from our events to be used on our site.

We use the data provided for three purposes specifically associated with society membership. They are;

  1. Firstly to help us to administer your account, we will contact you in the run up to your annual subscription expiring.
  2. Secondly for the purposes of running the society. We will contact you regarding casting your vote in upcoming elections, and with newsletter updates.
  3. Thirdly we would like to keep you informed about upcoming events, goings on and activity organised by the society and its specific benefits.

We publish the names of our members on our website but behind the login page. That means only other members can see who is currently a member. We do this for two reasons;

  1. Firstly part of the remit of the Society is networking and facilitating connections between marketers
  2. Secondly, for election candidates, so that they may seek to canvas for your vote.

For the above purposes, the society will hold members contact details for the duration of their membership

Our Data controller is Irene McEvoy, and any specific requests can be sent directly to her at, including Data Subject Access Requests.

We don’t pass your details on to any third parties, and we don’t use cookies on our website. All of our automated mailings carry an unsubscribe option.

In the case of expired or lapsed members, we hold member details for a period of two months after membership has expired simply to prevent any lapsed or missed renewals. If after that time a member has not renewed, their data related to membership will be deleted.

In the case of specific requests to terminate membership, the membership data will be deleted immediately. Any member has the option to terminate membership at any time, and any member can request a change to the above consent at any stage either by notifying Irene McEvoy directly, or by selecting the unsubscribe option at the foot of all email.

Data controller Irene McEvoy (including data subject access requests)

All our mails will have an unsubscribe option

Photographs & Video of Events

The Marketing Society host events with photographers and videographers present.  We encourage photographs and videos to capture and promote our events. ‚Äč If you wish to have a copy of the photograph, please contact us. 
If at any time you do not wish your photograph or a video of you to be kept or promoted, please let us know at

P.O Box 58, Bray, Co.Wicklow.
Tel : 01 276 1995
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