How Voice Technologies are re-defining Brands and transforming Marketing.

Emerging technologies like Amazon Echo, Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana among others have the potential to change significantly the way we search for information and shop. Brands, Business and Products have traditionally relied on strong visual cues to stand out for customers, but how will brands adapt to a world where we shop by simply asking Amazon to order us more milk? The Marketing Society have asked three industry keaders to share their thoughts with us.

David Erixon: Head of Digital and Customer Innovation - Ulster Bank

Sean O' Connor: Head of Sales for Bing Ads Mid-Market EMEA, Microsoft

Claire Carroll: Marketing Innovation Lead - Accenture Dock

This event specifically aims to give senior marketers in Ireland an understanding of how the development and adoption of the different voice technologies will change marketing communications in the future. The event will explore what brands and business can do to take advantage of the changes coming down the tracks, and will look to show through examples, case studies, and/ or new information how some brands are already using this new technology and the new behaviours it is creating to their advantage.

We want our audience to leave the session armed with new, practical information about what they next few years will look like, but critically also armed with a few practical steps or tips which will allow them to prepare and take advantage as soon as they get back to their desks.

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