Transforming for a world beyond Covid-19

The world has seen so much innovation over these last few months as businesses have pivoted to survive this pandemic.  Arguably Ireland has never experienced this pace of innovation before. The speed at which businesses have introduced new products, pricing models and routes to market has impressed us all. 

For many businesses, this need for transformation has led them to new ways of doing business and new revenue opportunities.  And when it’s over, they don’t plan to go back to ‘business as usual’.

What can we learn from businesses that have navigated this period most effectively?  How can we take these learnings and benefit from these experiences in a world beyond Covid-19?

Please join us for a panel discussion with Irish business leaders who have been doing things differently and in doing so, have discovered new ways to do business now and in the future.

Our panel includes: 

Edel Kinane, Commercial Director, Just Eat

John McCambridge, Channel Controller – Off-Trade, Heineken

Aileen Goatley, Marketing Manager, Horse Racing Ireland

Anna Frankland, Founder, Reform Pilates


Transforming for a World Beyond Covid-19

The Marketing Society of Ireland we were delighted to welcome speakers from JUST EAT, Heineken Ireland, Horse Racing Ireland and Reform Pilates to talk about how they had innovated & transformed their businesses during Covid-19.  Special thanks to Edel Kinane, to John McCambridge, to Aileen Goatley and Anna Frankland for sharing their knowledge and learning. Two of our council members, Sarah Probert and Laura Daley hosted a really interesting discussion around adapting to change, transforming communication processes, switching to & accelerating digital communication as well as a focus on collaboration across diverse teams.  Marketing has always been customer-led and our speakers today demonstrated the importance of adaptability & agility in an uncertain world. 



1. Change of Pace and Adaptability
There has been a significant change of pace and adaptability that is likely to remain beyond Covid and transform our ways of working going forward. Planning & Budgeting have become more agile & with increased complexity likely to continue doing so.

2. Everybody has become Experts in Other Areas
Everyone has become expert in other areas of their businesses, with even more emphasis on building relationships to get things done albeit remotely!

3. Collaboration
Collaboration amongst departments has increased significantly.

4. Data & Insight
Use of data & insight is more important than ever given rate of change in consumer behaviour, shift in demographics etc. Many areas have changed irrevocably with consumers more focused on safety than before. 

5. Communication Remains King
Now more than ever the personal touch matters.

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