Surviving & Thriving: Marketing Lessons from Past Recessions


The Marketing Society’s Future Council returns on the 15th October 2020 (Thursday) at 12.30pm, with their latest lunchtime event; ‘Surviving & Thriving: Marketing Lessons from Past Recessions’.

We know that newer entrants to the marketing industry may not have the personal experiences of working through a recession in their career, but there is a wealth of experience we can learn from in our industry. This event brings together a panel of three experienced marketing professionals who have all worked (and succeeded!) through a period of recession by rising to the challenge.

- Aisling Blake (Global Business Director at Facebook)

- Matthias Wenk (Marketing Director at HomeStore+More)

- Lauren Fahy (Head of Talent at Alternatives)

At the lunchtime event, these esteemed speakers will share with us their memories and experience of previous downturns, as well as their advice on not just surviving, but thriving in a time of turbulence.

This event will be an interactive panel discussion on Zoom with an opportunity for guests to pose questions to our speakers to learn from their experience of recessions past.

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