Generation Alpha – What do you need to know?

There is a generation that comprises more than one in seven people, who are influencing the purchasing power of their household and are key to the future.  Within the next four years they will outnumber the Baby Boomers, and many of them will live to see the 22nd century.  How much do you know about them?

We are delighted to kick off our Spring Series with 3 thought leaders on this topic.  Please join us for what promises to be a fascinating session as we explore Gen Alpha and discuss some of the key themes affecting this newly emerging generation and what these are likely to mean for marketers. How is your brand likely to be viewed by this generation?  How will you remain relevant?  How will you reach them?
The age at which we’re exposed to a transformative event determines how embedded it will be in our psyche, with COVID-19 expected to be a defining event for the next generation.  More than four in five adults (84%) believe COVID-19 will play a significant role in shaping the children of today.** Both the virus itself and the response has already influenced the next generation’s sentiment, behaviour and lifestyle. The impacts will continue beyond when it is kept under control and we emerge out of ‘iso’ (isolation) as the Gen Z’s call it.  **McCrindle Research, May 2020

Richard Ellwood: 
Director, Brand Marketing, Integrated Planning & Audience Strategy, EMEA - The Walt Disney Company. 
Christian Ward: Head of Brand Engagement & Multimedia Strategy - Stylus.
Niamh Bushnell: Chief Communications Officer - SoapBox Labs.

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