Sustainability insights for 2021 - what brands need to know!

The Marketing Society is  delighted to invite Emma Chiu,  Global Director at Wunderman Thompson Intelligence based in New York to lead our next Spring series event, titled Sustainability insights for 2021 – what brands need to know.

Emma authored the Future 100 Trends 2021 report and is currently developing a Global sustainability report due to launch in April 2021.  She will be joined by Raoul Empey, Founder and CEO of Sustineo Ireland and Amanda Campbell Director of Strategy & Innovation – Retail in An Post who will  discuss how brands can shape and develop their sustainability strategies.

Make sure to join us for what promises to be a really insightful session for the marketing community in Ireland as we share insights on the challenges, the pitfalls and the opportunities for delivering real business growth.

Speaker and panellists:

Emma Chiu, Global Director at Wunderman Thompson Intelligence, New York
Raoul Empey, Founder and CEO of Sustineo, Ireland
Amanda Campbell, Director of Strategy & Innovation Retail, An Post

Spring Series: "Sustainability Insights for 2021 what brands need to know." 16th March 2021

1. Living Sustainably has become desirable and all encompassing.  94% of consumers say they are making more of an effort to live a more sustainable life. This is not a fleeting trend that can be ignored, it needs to be at the core of your business and brand strategy.

2. Lifestyles are evolving and so are customer expectations. 71% of people say they are more likely to buy from a brand that has made strong commitments to issues of equality and social justice. Therefore providing real growth opportunities for businesses and brands.

3. Sustainability needs to be connected to every aspect of business – It needs to be connected to every aspect of your business and can’t just be owned or managed by one department. Having a clear brand purpose is a strong starting point from which you can build out your strategy and in turn key initiatives. You need to be clear on your role as a business and also how you can enable customers themselves to live more sustainably. They are not one of the same.

4. Sustainability needs to be funded into the future– savings delivered by sustainability initiatives should be used to build a pipeline for future projects. Businesses and brands need to get ahead of the curve and understand the long term benefits that these initiatives can deliver and also realise that harsher penalties will be coming down the line from Governments that fail to meet the targets.

5. Advertising plays a key role. Advertising is omnipresent and messaging in this space is nudging people in the right direction. It’s a key way in which to mainstream the issues we’re facing as a collective.

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