Fake News and the Future of the Truth: Cultivating Trust and Authenticity

For our next Marketing Society Spring Series event we investigate the changing media landscape. Our panel will explore how news brands can navigate a world where fake news proliferates and the truth, while out there, can be buried in bias and misinformation.

As the rules of the media landscape shift, our consumption of news and content has changed dramatically. But as we navigate countless new sources and channels for news, how do we determine what is trustworthy? Who or what do we look to for authoritative sources? How do we differentiate what’s real information from what’s fake?

Please join us for a panel discussion with leading Irish journalists as we discuss the challenges and explore the future of news.

Our panel includes:

Spring Series: Future of the Truth: Cultivating Trust and Authenticity in today’s media

1. How to define ‘Fake News’? The active spreading of disinformation with the intent to manipulate the audience.
2. How to spot ‘Fake News’? It is all about media legacy, do you recognise the outlet, is the story being carried across other news sites/sources. If a story appears too good to be true, it often is. 

3. What’s the difference between fact and opinion? A fact is based on credible evidence or data and an opinion is a personal interpretation of a fact, be it positive or negative.

4. What do social media platforms need to do to prevent the spread of misleading information/Fake News? It is essential that social media platforms take the appropriate responsibilities as both a medium and a publisher.
5. As a media outlet how do you ensure accuracy? It is important to present the facts in an appropriate way and not to assume a level of understanding around the wider narrative/subject. Ongoing training and development are essential to ensure best practice across all platforms.

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