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Join us on Thursday 9th September @ 8.45am - 9.45am for this insightful discussion – we have no doubt you will leave equipped with fresh ideas for building out and enhancing your marketing teams to ensure you are well positioned to contribute to business growth.

Earlier this year, job recruiting site, Indeed, reported a surge in D,E&I roles, including those for Chief Diversity Officer, with a 123% increase in job postings between May and September 2020. Is this window dressing, tokenism or are businesses finally recognising the need for (and the commercial upside of) a diverse and inclusive workforce?

Paul Donovan believes that businesses’ future growth will be determined by their ability to recruit, immerse and leverage a diverse and inclusive workforce.

We have gathered together a fantastic panel of experts in this field to discuss all things Diversity & Inclusion – the issues, the challenges, the opportunities.  We want to hear from people leading in this field and we are delighted to welcome our panellists for this event from London and Dublin to share their knowledge and experience with us. 



Paul Donovan:  Economist and Author.  Chief economist, Global Wealth Management at UBS

Olivia McEvoy, International Inclusion & Diversity Lead, Twitter

David Adamson, Deputy Head of Strategy at The&Partnership, Chair of WPP Unite - Championing diversity and inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community within the workplaces and work of WPP

Stha Banks, Head of Paid Social at Core and Board Member of IAPI 

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5 Key Take Outs

The Marketing Society recently held a fascinating session on the topic - Diversity and Inclusion will be the single most important criteria for economic success over the next 20 years. The panellists who all contributed an individual position on the topic making for a well rounded session.
All panellists agreed that culture was at the heart of Diversity and Inclusion and making all feel like they belong.  This requires intentional inclusivity of those from diverse backgrounds.  There continues to exist widespread prejudice across a wide spectrum of groups.  Many of these prejudices are invisible and if left unchecked can increase divide and isolation.  It is up to us as individuals and marketeers to challenge our management teams and providers to ensure diversity in our teams and in our boardrooms, which will ensure, not only the right skillsets but ultimately better decision making.  

 Here are the 5 key take outs from the session:

  1. We are in the middle of the 4th industrial revolution.  This creates economic upheaval which is all driven by human behaviour (as opposed to technology).  Diversity of thinking will be the single most important criteria for economic success over the next 20 years.
  2. Above all, it is critical to have the right person in the right job at the right time.
  3. If your corporate culture is not diverse and inclusive, an organisation is likely to have two problems – they won’t have the right skillsets and they won’t make the best decisions.
  4. Leadership behaviour and leadership accountability are key in this space – a truly diverse and inclusive culture must be driven from the top.
  5. What should marketing organisations and brand teams be doing?
    1. Look at who is in the room.  Representation matters.
    2. Provide education and opportunities in this area for their employees – unconscious bias, racism, how do you practice allyship etc.
    3. Be intentional.  Intentional inclusivity.
    4. Ensure there is a culture of psychological safety and encourage people to share lived experiences.
    5. Lead from the top.

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