Mastering your career, how mentoring can take you to the next level

Join us on Thursday 7th October 12.30-13.30 for the launch of the second year of the marketing society’s Mentoring Programme  -  Mastering your career, how mentoring can take you to the next level.

We’ll be hearing from Paul Dervan, CMO of Ireland’s National Lottery and author of Run with Foxes: Make better marketing decisions.   He’ll be sharing his inspiring story about how his experiences being mentored and mentoring others has helped him achieve his career goals.

We’ll also be chatting with a range of participants from last year’s programme and getting the lowdown on how they found their sessions last year and the personal and professional benefits they got from the programme.

Please join us for this engaging session and consider signing up for the programme yourself.  The Marketing Society’s (Member only) Mentoring Programme is an entirely free service for people within the industry.  It encompasses 5 sessions with a senior practitioner in your area, working on professional development areas of your choosing.   Following the launch event, we will invite all our members to join our mentoring programme and be part of this unique opportunity. 


TICKETS FOR WEBINAR: Members €10 Non Members €30

Key Take Outs

The Marketing Society were delighted to host a highly topical discussion on how we can take our careers to the next level though mentoring. The event formally launches the 2nd year of The Marketing Society of Ireland Mentoring Programme where individuals will have the opportunity to tap into the membership network & develop a mentoring relationship to share marketing knowledge, experience, and guidance.

Here are the 5 key take outs from the session:

  1. Mentoring isn't a free ride, it takes work and effort.  The more we actively seek out the expertise and influence of others, the wider the skill sets we access, the more we learn. 
  2. Mentoring is wonderful opportunity to be curious, opening the mind to new possibilities.  We don’t often get to interrogate everything we’ve learnt, test our assumptions, question the status quo, but these things can be enormously beneficial.
  3. One of the best things mentoring can foster is a growth mindset.  It can be difficult to accept less than positive feedback, but the constructive environment of a mentoring relationship can help us open up to areas of improvement
  4. Mentoring is a two way process, the mentor can learn just as much as the mentoree.  It’s not just about the fuzzy feeling of giving back, the mentor has an opportunity to question their own decision making and strategies, improve their communication, create stronger empathy with more junior staff members.
  5. Reflecting on what you actually want from your career is important, especially if you intend to be in that career for a long time.  People tend to focus on how they can move up/get promoted within their company, but that’s their job not their career.  There’s a whole world outside your company that can fall off your radar.

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