The Marketing Society of Ireland Lepere Award is open to students who are starting their final year of a Level 8 Marketing course when nominations open in September.

Each institution may nominate one Marketing student based on the institutions own assessment of their academic excellence and achievements. Only one nominee per Institution will be accepted.

Nominations can only be submitted by the relevant lecturer or person in authority representing the Institution and the Level 8 Marketing course. The Institution should register interest in advance of the September nomination date with irene@marketingsociety.ie to ensure they receive all the relevant details and the relevant dates. Students may not submit nominations themselves.

We would ask that the Institution check with the student to ensure they are willing to participate in the awards before sending their nomination to irene@marketingsociety.ie

The nominees will be asked to research and prepare a 2,500 word opinion piece based on a marketing topic provided by the Marketing Society of Ireland. They will be given three weeks to complete and submit the paper

A four person judging panel, consisting of the Marketing Society of Ireland Chairperson, 2 industry professionals and an academic professional, will mark each paper independently. Their marking will then be tallied and the winner will be the paper that scores highest. Should there be a tie, the nominees may be asked to make a presentation to the judging panel. The judge’s decision will be final.

Deadline for submission of student essays is 4pm Friday 27th Oct 2023.

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